Sea~Barrier®Alloy 100 PLUS

Sea~Barrier®Alloy 100 is labelled as: Sea~Barrier®Alloy 100 PLUS (New Zealand) Sea~Barrier®Alloy 100 AU (Australia) Sea~Barrier®Alloy 100 is designed for commercial use on aluminium vessels working in and off shore. Sea~Barrier®Alloy 100 is also recommended for use on aluminium components such as stern drives, jet-drives, outboard motors • New builds & maintenance docking • Barges & Mussel Farm work boats • Ferries & Fishing Vessels • Charter Vessels & Yachts • Multi-season anti-fouling protection

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Features & Benefits

  • Sea~Barrier® Alloy 100 Antifouling is:
  • • An advanced anti-fouling using a combination of time proven cupprous thiocyanate and selected booster biocides.
  • • Slime resistant
  • • Available in three distinctive colours (NZ Only)
  • • Excellent for aluminium vessels and stern-drives
  • • Economical - 2 coats at 50-75 microns/coat giving superior performance over most competitor aluminium-safe anti-foulings
  • • Proven performance in NZ and South Pacific as well as other global waters* (see Disclaimer on Page 2)
  • • Sea~Barrier®Alloy 100 has been optimised for spray application. Refer following page for spray equipment recommendations