Easy~Roll PUR Defoaming Additive

Easy~Roll Defoaming Additive is specifically for use in selected Carboline and Altex polyurethane finishes and should only be used when applying the finish by roller or brush.

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Features & Benefits

  • Easy~Roll Defoaming Additive is a specially formulated additive for use in Carboline Carbothane® 134HG & Altex E~Line® 379 & 949 polyurethane coatings when they are to be applied by roller; such as for flooring or architectural wall coatings etc.
  • Easy~Roll Defoaming Additive reduces in-can foaming when mixing base and converter and allows the applied coating to flow out to a foam and bubble-free film.
  • Easy~Roll Defoaming Additive is conveniently pre-packaged for treatment of 4 litres, or multiples, of the relevant polyurethane Part A (Base) component.