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Carboguard 636



A multi-purpose, advanced technology coating suited to marine and industrial applications. Suitable for atmospheric and many immersion exposures. The DTM properties make it a versatile coating in maintenance and new work applications. Syntactic foam modification gives it unique thermal shock resistance and flexibility.

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Features & Benefits

  • Very good flexibility – resists chipping and aged embrittlement
  • Lighter weight – 13% lighter than most similar coatings
  • Versatile surface tolerant coating
  • Suitable for application over surfaces prepared by water-jetting
  • NZ approved for use in food processing plants - refer Approvals NZ/AU, page 4
  • AS4020 Potable Water Approval - refer Approvals NZ/AU, page 4
  • Lower viscosity allows application at higher solids (less thinning) and reduced VOC at application
  • Good thermal qualities by syntactic foam modification; excellent for use under insulation to 120°C
  • Good adhesion to tight rust - especially when used in conjunction with Rustbond or Altra~Lock 576
  • Tolerant to surface dampness - particularly when brush applied
  • Self-priming (DTM) for many applications
  • Fast dry to recoat
  • Excellent dry to handling
  • Suitable for fresh and salt water immersion
  • Low temperature cure to below freezing; -5°C
  • Reduced HAPS and Low VOC