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Sea~Barrier Altra®



Sea~Barrier Altra® Antifouling is designed to protect hulls from marine growth though a self polishing hydrolysis action - the silyl acrylate, cuprous oxide and co-biocide combination provides exceptional multi season protection.

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Features & Benefits

  • Extensive testing and sea trials show Sea~Barrier Altra ®to be providing exceptionally cost effective, long term protection for commercial & deep water use.
  • Sea~Barrier Altra®is the ideal anti-fouling coating for:
  • • Work vessels of virtually any description
  • • Vessels trading in deep sea or coastal waters
  • • Fishing fleets
  • • Tugs and barges
  • • Container ships
  • • Passenger & vehicle ferries
  • Other Benefits of Sea~Barrier Altra®:
  • • Suitable for both Maintenance Docking and New builds
  • • Improved performance at lower builds
  • • Latest generation controlled hydrolysis Silyl Acrylate Polymer technology
  • • Micro fine, engineered cuprous oxide technology
  • • Developed & tested over several years, and proven in the most severe marine conditions
  • • Highly predictable & stable self polishing hydrolysis action maintains full-time antifouling activity, reducing friction and drag
  • • Improved adhesion to primers, build coats and existing antifoulings being repainted and fully compatible when applied over Sea~Barrier® 1000 and 3000
  • • Very good static exposure performance
  • • Superior mechanical strength – avoids cracking & peeling
  • • Controls common types of fouling for extended periods & provides an easy to maintain surface between dockings (film build dependant)
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