Sea~Barrier 1000

Sea~Barrier 1000 is a cost effective ablative antifouling coating, designed for commercial applications. It is ideal for vessels that are dry-docked annually. Sea~Barrier 1000 is the ideal antifoul coating for: • In-shore commercial vessels and barges subject to light to medium duty • Use on bottom flats and as a boot-top in conjunction with Sea~Barrier 3000 on critical areas Note: For 12 – 24 months service refer to Sea~Barrier 3000.

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Features & Benefits

  • TBT-free (Tri-Butyl Tin-free) antifouling
  • Self polishing/ablative mechanism inhibits the attachment of fouling organisms
  • Cost effective performance for commercial applications
  • Controls common types of fouling for periods up to 12 months, depending on sailing pattern and applied system
  • Compatible with most suitably prepared copper based antifoulings