Pulp & Paper

We have a long history of solving the needs of the pulp and paper industry.


Paper factories are one of the most corrosive environments, downtimes need to be kept short, and long-term coating and lining solutions are important. Our ultra-durable high performance coatings and system solutions have a proven record of corrosion protection. We have systems that cater to constructability needs and project requirements, such as Class B slip coefficient, low-odor, zero VOC, and single-coat systems. Quick cure coatings are also available when shortened down times are required.


We offer coatings that protect against weathering, high heat, and chemical exposures found in paper factories.


Carboline has tank linings that protect against the very wet corrosive paper-making process, which uses acids and caustics.


Carboline has products to protect assets and increase longevity, including coatings for walls, steel, piping, towers, and flooring.

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