We produce high-quality systems designed to increase throughput at OEM shops.


Carboline has an extensive line of coatings that provide cost-effective alternatives for protecting and finishing OEM products, tanks, and equipment. Our broad selection of products is designed to help minimize VOC and HAP emissions as well as waste disposal. Our direct-to-metal formulations reduce labor costs, improve safety, increase production, and positively impact your bottom line. Our ability to offer high performance protection, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic value sets us apart from the competition.


We have been supplying cost-effective coating solutions to heavy industry fabricators for many years and know the importance of speed and performance.


Our OEM coatings are easy to apply and offer benefits that result from faster throughput, fewer repairs, repaints or call-backs.


Our new technologies allow extremely fast recoat times (often wet-on-wet), which dramatically speeds the painting and curing process.

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